The answer is simply more kilos of saleable beef per hectare—and the reason is NO mystery. Brahmousin Combine the renowned fast muscle growth and fine meat quality of Limousin with the heat and parasite tolerance of Brahman.

In their own right, this makes Brahmousin a reliable genetic package for the commercial cross breeder, anywhere in Australia, that Brahmousin Cattle present opportunities where THE OPTIONS ARE ENDLESS!


Productive Options!
Whatever your crossbreeding program, you’ll find the muscle characters, growth rates and stress tolerance of Brahmousins is compatible with many breeding programs. Here a just a few options:



As a terminal sire over British based females, Brahmousin give the progeny fast lean muscle growth, increased stress tolerance and the bonus of hybrid vigour producing ideal vealers and domestic carcasses or heavy weight export types. The resulting fames are fertile survivors, excellent for crossing back either way.


Over British/Bos indicus synthetics, you should maintain similar stress tolerance levels with improved muscles growth and leanness, plus some hybrid vigour. You can cross back either way.


Out of the high-grade Brahman heifers, Brahmousin sired calves will gain the positive growth and muscle charters that improve yield and dollars returns at earlier ages.


Brahmousin are bred to between one quarter and three quarters of wither of the parent breeds providing a range of types to suit most breeding programs in any environment.